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Weldflow Metal Products: An Innovative Approach to Contract Manufacturing

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Dr. Sarmad Malik, President, Weldflow Metal ProductsDr. Sarmad Malik, President
Consistent quality and the ability to meet customer expectations at an economical cost are the supporting pillars upholding the sheet metal manufacturing services industry today. And, with the advent of new technological innovations, the industry is now growing at breakneck speed while increasing the pressure on manufacturers to meet the market and consumer demands. In conjunction with these trends, Dr. Sarmad Malik, President of Weldflow Metal Products—with 40 plus years of industry expertise is leading his company in a new direction to provide custom metal fabrication to clients in the field of contract manufacturing. Established in 1975, this Ontario-based company is changing the status-quo of the sheet metal industry by modernizing its services and delivering highest levels of precision to its customers.

Since its inception, Weldflow Metal Products has been redefining the traditional approach to fabrication by offering contract manufacturing and outsourcing services to its clientele spanning across multiple industries, utilizing sheet metal components in their final assembled product offering. Backed by a team of expert professionals, the company handles the entirety of project management procedures, starting from prototyping to final production of products while further streamlining the whole manufacturing process.With a keen focus on adding value and not just relying on industrial benchmarks, Weldflow Metal Products’ each and every service offering is customized and tailor-made according to the customer’s need. “We listen carefully to the client’s requirements and evaluate the priority to be fulfilled and then device a solution to solve it. This approach enables us to deliver services ahead of schedule and be pro-active in providing design feedback to clients,” says Dr. Malik. Thus, the company ensures competitive pricing for its customers, allowing them to gain more economic benefits in value addition without compromising on quality and delivery of the services.

We see ourselves as part of our customer’s team in understanding their end requirement and this helps us establish a long rewarding business relationship with them

Highlighting the company’s expertise is the story of one of its clients who had an assembly of stamped parts and weldments supplied from overseas on a regular basis. But, the change in the design of products led to a substantial tooling expenditure and loss of productive time for the client. On approaching Weldflow Metal Products, the company immediately stepped into action and reviewed the design. They created the whole assembly from sheet metal parts without any cost of tooling, thereby shortening production time while maintaining the functionality of the assembly unit.

For Weldflow Metal Products, such collaborations serve as testimonies, showcasing the company’s efforts in traversing an extra mile and staying ahead of the pack in their highly principled business approach of serving customers. Having inculcated a customer-friendly work culture, Weldflow Metal Products ensures to create a positive experience for clients engaging with them. “We see ourselves as part of our customer’s team in understanding their end requirement, and this helps us establish a long rewarding business relationship with them,” says Dr. Malik.

Weldflow Metal Products’, with its out-of-the-box thinking, is on a continuous quest to achieve excellence and conduct business in a sustainable way. “Our conviction lies in constantly improvising our ventures and staying abreast with the industry changes while ensuring a positive growth for both our customers and our business,” Dr. Malik further adds. Recently, the company added an advanced AMADA Ensis Fiber Laser to its portfolio in order to increase their solution delivery capacity. In line with these developments, Dr. Malik concludes by saying, “The future lies in expanding our customer base and enhancing quality as well as providing more growth opportunities for clients.”

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Weldflow Metal Products

Mississauga, ON

Dr. Sarmad Malik, President

Established in 1975, as a precision sheet metal facility, Weldflow has become a trusted provider and world leader in the field of contract manufacturing. The company’s facility has been modernized, and management expanded to accommodate the constant changes experienced within our industry. Weldflow is led by a team of talented professionals, whose expertise and enthusiasm drive our company’s performance and growth. Expertise of the company lies in its innovation in sheet metal industry by creating new ideas and design in various shapes and forms. Building prototypes doing product development for existing and potential new customers